Corporate Classes

We take teaching seriously

In-House Method

Our method takes students on an organised, logical path to practical English fluency.

Fantastic Teachers

We have extremely high hiring standards, and have in-depth training for all our teachers.

Personal Approach

We believe in meeting our clients regularly to go over student progress and feedback.

Video Course

Corporate students get free access to both our video courses so they can speed up their learning at home.

Vocab App

Students can revise their vocab from their lessons at home and never lose what they learn.


Our podcast provides advanced listening practise and a deeper dive into grammar topics.

A custom-made method for Czechs


After 8+ years teaching in Czech businesses, we know all the mistakes students will make, the important vocabulary they are missing, and what they need to focus on to get to practical fluency as efficiently as possible.


Our custom method includes textbooks, a video course and an app, which takes students on an organised, logical path to practical fluency. 

A great teacher. Every time.


A huge problem with language schools is lack of quality control. Sometimes you get a great teacher, and sometimes you don't. 

At Speak Like Me we put a massive emphasis on only hiring the very best teachers in Prague, and then training them intensely in our method.

Our teacher team is therefore quite small, but highly professional and experienced, and we're extremely proud of the quality we offer.

In-person progress reports 


We believe in being super transparent and believe it's important to get to know our clients on a personal level.

Every six months we prepare student reports for everyone in your company, and come to meet you in person to go over the results, to get your feedback, and to let know you what we're working on to actively improve our services.

Speed Up Learning At Home

All Speak Like Me corporate students get free access to our extensive materials for home-study

Video Courses


Learn everything from our grammar book in our two video courses. Comes with worksheets and quizzes for each chapter.


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Vocab App


Students can learn and revise all the vocab from their lessons in the Speak Like Me App - available for both iOS and Android. 


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Speak Like Me students can have lots of advanced listening practise in our highly popular podcast, available on all platforms.


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