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What You Get As A SLM Partner 

Start-To-Finish Course For Czechs

We have spent over 8 years making a super efficient, practical and fun English course for Czech people

Combine In-Person & Online Learning

Our method combines textbooks with video courses to allow students to combine in-person and online learning

Training For Your Whole Team

We have 5+ years experience training teachers how to be great teachers and use our method to get real results

Happier Clients

With our method, all students learn the same topics in the same way, so clients and students can see exactly the progress they will make and what they will learn

No Lesson Planning 

Teachers following the SLM method don't need to plan anything - as we plan it all for them! This is the main positive feedback we get from teachers using our method

Grow Your School

With the SLM method you can advertise perfect integration of books, apps, videos and podcasts in a method made for Czechs - that gets results and students love


and much more...

Our Method

A start-to-finish method made for Czechs


We have spent over 8 years being obsessive in the making of our method, which takes Czech students on a clear and organised path to practical English fluency.

In the SLM method, each lesson is a small part of a clear, long-term plan, in which students learn all of English, fix "Czenglish" mistakes, and learn key vocabulary in a logical order that makes sense.

All lessons have the same structure and style, and combine lots of conversation, correction and revision, with one or two new things each lesson so students can clearly see the value in each lesson.

Textbooks + Leaflets + Videos



Our textbooks are like a recipe book for teachers, with step-by-step explanations for each topic, with examples, pro tips and questions for students - which allows all teachers to teach the same content in the same way.

Summary Leaflets

Our leaflets give students a clear visual overview of what they have learnt, and they can see how the topic of the day is just one small part of the overall plan. Teachers can give students a star to put in each box when they've done it - which students love and lets teachers quickly see at a glance what students have already studied.

Video Courses

Our professionally produced video courses link directly to the topics in the textbooks and leaflets, and allow students to speed up their progress by watching the topic for the next lesson in advance, catch up on lessons they missed, or simply study at home whenever they like.

Consistency Across All Your Classes


By having all your students following the same method, you can guarantee clients consistency of quality and the same English improvements across their whole company - or tell public classes exactly what they will learn in a course.

It also allows for easy monitoring of progress across your whole school - and to be able to quickly see if a certain class isn't making as much progress as they should be, and thereby avoid negative feedback by fixing the problem before students notice something is wrong.

No Mess When Teachers Leave


When a teacher leaves, their replacement simply picks up where the previous teacher left off, with the same method, lesson style and approach. By making the content independent of the teacher, students will continue on the same clear path to fluency even if their teacher changes.

We provide training for your new teachers - included in your license fee - when they join your school so they know exactly what to do - so that you can stop worrying about negative feedback and focus on running your school.

5 Years Of Very Positive Feedback

99.7% "very positive" feedback in 2022 so far

Happier Students


Lessons are fun and conversational, but students can visually see the long-term plan thanks to the leaflets, and how each lesson is a small part of their longer journey to fluency. No more complaining about feeling like they’re not making progress or feeling ‘stuck’ at a certain level.

Happier Teachers


Our textbooks contain all the explanations, examples and student practice that teachers need - in a clear, step-by-step guide - which means teachers don't need to plan anything. This is a huge benefit for teachers and allows them to just enjoy teaching and seeing results.

Happier Clients


You can show your clients clear overviews of how everyone in their company is improving, with all employees learning the same English skills. Every year you can show your clients updates to the video courses, app and textbooks so clients can see their service is constantly improving.

In-Depth Teacher Training

We train your whole team - so you don't have to


We know that providing effective training to all your teachers is time (and money) intensive - which is why we take care of everything for you.

We have spent 5 years refining and condensing our training program into a highly practical, intensive 1-week program, in which teachers learn exactly how to do each part of a SLM lesson and learn the five principles of teaching a great lesson.

These trainings will up-skill your entire team, and combined with our method will ensure that all students are learning the same content, in the same way, with a consistent lesson style that students will love.

Everyone teaching the same content in the same way 


All teachers being trained in how to use the same method greatly reduces the quality difference between experienced and new teachers.

Rest assured in the fact that all your new teachers know what to do - we do all the training so you don't have to!

All teachers can give the same explanations, examples and practice questions. The teacher becomes the personality that brings the method to life.

Training Available Across Czech Republic


All our training is in-person, and entails 2-3 hours of training per day for five days.

If your school is in Prague, you can send teachers to our office in Václavské námÄ›stí or we can happily come to your office.

If you are located outside of Prague we can send a trainer to your school for a small fee to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Teacher Certification Program


We certify all teachers that pass our training program, which ensures only certified teachers are using our method and thereby representing our brand.

We deeply believe in our method and training - but there is only so much that training and materials can do if teachers are not motivated or willing to improve. 

Therefore, our training program also serves as a useful indictor to our partners as to which of their teachers are the weakest performing, which can help in staff management decisions.

Stand Out From The Competition

Most Language Schools Offer The Same Services


Most language schools have a very similar approach: they hire teachers who seem acceptable, then let them choose a book from their library (or prescribe a certain book), potentially do some general training, then cross their fingers that everything goes well.

This is an understandable approach, as having intensive teacher training and method control for hundreds of teachers isn't feasible - however this leads to high variation in lesson quality and therefore student feedback. 

Clients are used to each teacher being different - which is why they often ask for a new teacher as they are hoping they will 'win the teacher lottery'.

You Can Be A League Above The Competition


With the SLM method and training, you can advertise a specific method made for Czechs - by British natives who speak Czech - which is fun, conversational and proven to work.

You can advertise the fact you have custom textbooks, leaflets and video courses which all work seamlessly together to maximise progress.

You can also emphasise the training of your teachers - and how all students will get the same program regardless of which teacher they have. 

Your School Will Be Constantly Improving 


We have a very clear long-term roadmap for our method and product development - all of which you can advertise to your clients.

For example, in late 2023 we will be launching our custom-made Business Course for Czechs, which teaches the most common business English from each company department.

And in 2024 we are planning a massive update to the SLM App, which will further link what happens in the lesson to what students can learn and revise at home on their phones. 

And much more...

The SLM Podcast

With over 7,000 listeners, the SLM Podcast is one of the biggest English podcasts in the Czech Republic, and we advertise our partners on it!

The SLM App

In our app, students learn over 1,000 words with Czech translations, one-click revision, and the ability to even learn the vocab from the podcast!

Student Reports

We provide templates for student reports, which teachers or staff can quickly fill out and easily compare progress between students

Worksheets & Quizzes

Each topic from our courses comes with a worksheet and quiz which students can find in the video courses - and they get automatically graded!

Request New Topics 

Need a certain topic? Put suggestions on the partner webpage and if enough people want the same topic we'll add it to our roadmap!

Free Promotion

We are motivated to help you grow (as the larger you get, the more licenses you need!) which is why we promote our partners on our online content!

Multiple Teachers

Synchronised lesson notes between multiple teachers allows a class to have multiple lessons a week where each lesson picks up where the previous teacher left off

Video Trainings

We provide additional video trainings for your teachers on the key principles of teaching a great lesson, and to update them on any new product updates

Customer Support

We have a dedicated SLM Partner manager, who will be there for anything you need, answer any questions you have, and provide in-person updates about what's new

Monthly License Fee


Per Teacher

  • Physical copies of our textbooks (Essential English, Czenglish & Useful Things, Interesting Words and Discussions)
  • Physical copies of our high-quality, laminated leaflets for each course
  • Up to 30 access codes to our video courses
  • One-week of intensive onboarding training (2-3 hours per day, in-person)
  • Physical training leaflets
  • Video trainings
  • Ongoing support

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