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Learn English With Jacob!

Suitable For B1+

Each lesson we will learn commonly used phrases and fix Czenglish, which are useful for all levels.

Fun Atmosphere

Jacob loves having a fun time with English, so classes are best suited to people with a sense of humour!

Free Wine

A free glass of wine is included in the price of each class! Jacob loves wine, and hopefully so do you!

Come To Any Class

Classes are Monday-Thursday at 6pm, and you can come to any class as each class learns something different!

Make New Friends

We have really lovely students, and as you can join any class of your level you will get to meet lots of cool people.

Speed Up Progress

If you want to super charge your progress, you can learn everything at home in our video course & app!

About your teacher


Jacob is the director and founder of Speak Like Me and has been teaching English to Czech people since 2014. 

In that time, he has taught hundreds of students including multiple CEO's of international corporations, and always makes his lessons very light-hearted, and strongly focused on practical topics.

Jacob is also the author of two English textbooks, the co-host of the English For Czech People podcast, and is deeply involved in the development of our video courses and mobile application. 

In 2022, Jacob stepped down from teaching corporate classes to focus on running Speak Like Me full time, but wanted to offer evening classes so he can still get to enjoy teaching every day!

Practical lessons suitable for B1+ speakers


Each lesson is very conversational, and completely unique. In the lesson Jacob will explain one of his favourite topics from the Speak Like Me book, some of his favourite words, and have lots of chats with you.

You will also reinforce super important topics each week so that you make more progress the more often you come.

Come to any lesson you like


As each lesson is suitable for any level from B1-C1, you can come to any class you like! 

Each class you will learn something new (which will be suuuuper useful), and also revise some key topics so that you make more progress the more lessons you come to.

3-6 students per class


We want everyone to have a chance to speak, so our class sizes are small and personal, so you can get the chance to practise actually speaking and also get to know your classmates. 

Speed up learning at home


Our awesome online video courses and vocab app contain all the grammar, Czenglish fixes and vocabulary you need to speak fluent English.

We advise all our students to learn the grammar and vocabulary during the week, then come to the lesson to practise using it!

See what our students say


The lessons are super conversational and we laugh a lot, and really learn something actually useful each lesson!


I'm a beginner and I love the low-pressure environment. Jacob is super patient and we don't go too fast.


I thought I spoke good English but now I know all the mistakes I'm making, but also how to fix them!


I've been having lessons with Jacob for over a year now and I feel so much more confident in using English.


I run an international office and these lessons have made much feel much less nervous speaking to clients! 


My English was truly terrible but thanks to these lessons I can now go on dates in English! Yaaay!

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Per 60 Minute Class

  • Minimum prepayment of four lessons
  • Free glass of wine per lesson
  • Free trial lesson!

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