Public Classes

Relaxed Conversation Lessons With A Point

3 Month Course

Over 12 lessons, you will have lots of conversation, fix Czech mistakes and learn some great words.

Lots Of Talking

We love having a fun time with English, so classes are best suited to people with a sense of humour!

Cheap Wine

We provide fantastic wine from a local wine shop for just 20kč a glass! Because English is more fun with wine :D

Clear Goals

In each lesson you will learn one super important topic relevant to your level, and learn a super useful phrase for real life.

6 People Max

We believe in having small, personal classes so you have time to speak and also get to know your classmates well.

Learn At Home

If you want to super charge your progress, you can learn everything at home in SLM+ and the SLM app!

Learn through conversation


We believe in learning through conversation, not worksheets and boring activities. 

In each lesson we will have a casual chat, just fixing your English as we go. Each week we will fix one key mistake, and also learn practical vocabulary you can use in everyday life.

If you're looking for super intense lessons then this is not for you. If you want to have fun, speak a lot, and learn some useful things each lesson then this is the place for you!

Choose your level


We currently have lessons for beginners (mluvím hrozně) and intermediate (mluvím docela dobře) learners. 

Our beginner classes are for people who really can't speak English at all, and intermediate classes are for people who are conversational but know you make mistakes and can be much better.

We offer free trial lessons so you can come and try out a class to see if it's the right level and style for you :)

4-6 students per class


We want everyone to have a chance to speak, so our class sizes are small and personal, so you can get the chance to practise actually speaking and also get to know your classmates. 

We also provide delicious wine for 20,-CZK a glass, which we hope will help you feel more confident when speaking!

Speed up learning at home


Our awesome online video courses and vocab app contain all the grammar, Czenglish fixes and vocabulary you need to speak fluent English.

We advise all our students to learn the grammar and vocabulary during the week, then come to the lesson to practise using it!

See what our students say


The lessons are super conversational and we laugh a lot, and really learn something actually useful each lesson!


I'm a beginner and I love the low-pressure environment. Jacob is super patient and we don't go too fast.


I thought I spoke good English but now I know all the mistakes I'm making, but also how to fix them!


I've been having lessons with Jacob for over a year now and I feel so much more confident in using English.


I run an international office and these lessons have made much feel much less nervous speaking to clients! 


My English was truly terrible but thanks to these lessons I can now go on dates in English! Yaaay!

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For 12 lessons

  • Full payment up front for 12 (60min) lessons
  • Free trial lesson!
  • Regular weekly lessons (not possible to use your 12 lessons in different classes)

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