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Life as a SLM Teacher

Attractive Salaries

Our full-time teachers make¬†48,000-54,000,-CZK/month based on a standard 6-hour teaching day ("ŇĹivno" required)

No Lesson Planning 

Thanks to our comprehensive in-house method, all your lessons are made for you and you never need to plan a thing. For reals!

Be Part Of A Real Team

We want all teachers to truly feel part of the SLM family, which is why we have regular monthly team buildings, parties and group-training events!

In-Depth Training

We train all teachers for three months in our method and English grammar, so that all teachers know exactly what they're doing!

Clear Career Path

We provide a clear career progression path from trainee teacher all the way up to teacher trainer, and potentially beyond!

And Much More!

Max group size of four students. Free Czech classes. Company iPads. Spa retreats. Say what? We really want all our teachers to be super happy!

Attractive Salaries


Our aim with SLM was to make a school that addressed all the main pain points of being a teacher - and first on that list was salary!

We pay our teachers the most we can while remaining¬†profitable as a company, which is currently 48,000-54,000,-CZK/month based on a standard 6-hour teaching day. Hourly rates start at 400,-CZK/hour. We hire all teachers on Ňĺivnostensk√Ĺ contracts and no longer use DPP or HPP contracts.¬†

These numbers are without taking into account the industry-standard 15% student cancellation rate, so for those who want the maximum salary possible we offer the option to over-schedule your classes to 7 classes per day to take into account cancellations. 

No Lesson Planning


SLM differs from other language schools in Prague in that we are not simply a language school connecting teachers with companies - we also design and produce our own textbooks, grammar leaflets, video courses, mobile app and a number of podcasts.

By vertically integrating our own products with our in-depth teacher training program, we are able to offer clients an unparalleled level of quality - where all students learn the same content in the same way, with teachers who always know what they're doing. 

This also has a major benefit for teachers, which is that you never have to plan anything for your classes. A lot of other schools promise this but then you find out it's just a textbook that you need to still adapt and plan for. With us you seriously never need to plan a thing. This is maybe the most appreciated factor about SLM that teachers mention in their feedback.

Be Part Of A Real Team


Very often language teachers feel more like freelancers than part of a real team. Many language schools do just one or two team building events per year, which can be isolating and make you feel like you're not really part of a company.

In SLM, we have team-buildings on the first Friday of every month, paid for by SLM, which are completely optional for teachers but are a great opportunity to get to know the team better and also have a lot of fun!¬†Each month we have a different theme, ranging from board game evening, to summer parties at ŇĹlut√© L√°znńõ, and even axe throwing and karaoke!

We also have regular group training sessions, Christmas parties, and the awesome SLM birthday party every September! 

In-Depth Training


After being selected to work at SLM, all teachers go through a two-week, paid onboarding training program, in which you learn all the essentials of a SLM lesson, learn how to use all our materials, and learn the SLM way of teaching grammar.

Upon finishing onboarding training, all teachers then go through a 3-month ongoing training program (90mins per week), in which you learn all of English grammar inside-out, with lots of practice of how to teach each topic.

This is a great benefit for teachers as you will feel prepared for every lesson and get to understand English on a deeper level than ever before!

Clear Career Path


An essential part of any job is having a sense of progression and professional growth - something which is often missing in the life of an English teacher.

In SLM, we provide a clear progression plan for all teachers, from trainee teacher all the way up to teacher trainer and potentially beyond.

Our professional development plan is designed so that the best performing teachers can go from trainee teacher to senior teacher in just one year, and to teacher trainer in just two years. 

In SLM, we also believe in hiring internally for non-teaching positions in areas such as marketing, finance, HR, video and podcast production and company operations - so there is space to grow for those who want to develop their skills in areas other than teaching.

And Much More!


We are always thinking of new ways to make your life at SLM as enjoyable as possible, and regularly introduce new teacher perks.

From a teaching perspective, from day one we have had maximum group sizes of 4 students to make group lessons fun and personal. We also have an acceptable behaviour policy for students, meaning if any student acts inappropriately in a lesson they will no longer have lessons with us. 

We also provide company iPads for those who do not currently have an appropriate tablet or laptop for in-person lessons. And last year we introduced new rewards for our top performing teachers such as weekend spa retreats, evenings at Jazz Dock and even paid-for flights to Australia!

What We Ask For In Return

What Our Teachers Say


I have been a teacher for six years and I can say without a doubt that Speak Like Me is the best place I have ever worked for. Their in-house method relieves a lot of the workload, also we have constant training to improve our teaching practice. However, one of the things that I appreciate the most are the monthly team-buildings to get to know my colleagues over a couple of beers!


Speak Like Me is the best company I've worked for since I came to Prague in 2018. They offer a great hourly rate, no lesson planning, really nice clients, a fantastic team, a modern office space on Vaclavske Namesti and ongoing, in depth training to help prepare you for your classes. My teaching skills have improved so much since I joined SLM and with it, my confidence as a teacher.


Working with Speak Like Me has been a wonderful experience. The practical, straightforward approach to English teaching means I can give students lessons they'll be satisfied with. Speak Like Me also allows me to work with students of all different levels and backgrounds, and the conversational focus of the lessons means I'm always learning something new from my students. Plus, everyone on the SLM team is passionate about what they do, and I've loved being a part of a company with such talented teachers.


I like working at Speak Like Me because it has great students, management and materials. SLM’s students are well-educated adults who are motivated to learn and very enjoyable to teach! SLM’s management supports, trains, and develops its teachers and organises fun team-building events. SLM’s materials are clear, usable, and effective. SLM also regularly generates additional resources to supplement its lessons, such as videos, social media posts, and a podcast, which keeps the content fresh and interesting.

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